The Band

Newgrass Art-Rock

The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra (GCO) is a unique and powerful musical ensemble that fuses an eclectic mix of original and traditional bluegrass-edged tunes with jazz and world/fusion elements. Their music is Chick Corea meets The Dixie Dregs meets A Prairie Home Companion. The mix ranges from highly accessible bluegrass tunes to extreme arrangements of East Indian ragas. GCO's instrumentation includes guitar, fiddle, bass and drums. The widely versatile instrumentals are accessible to music-lovers of all ages!

They are a brand new band that is already making a name for itself in the national music scene. Two of The Orchestra's pieces were performed on A Prairie Home Companion in November of 2008!

The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra's first album, "Lookin' for a Little Strange," was released in November, 2009.

Galactic Cowboy Orchestra
Bio page photos by Zach Nichols
The Players
Dan Neale — Guitar — Dan Neale is one of the Twin Cities' most adored pickers. He has played with Bo Diddley and Martin Zellar, and is a semi-regular on Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion." He was most recently seen in the house band (along with Rolling Stone's keyboard player, Chuck Leavell, Bonnie Raitt's bass player, Hutch Hutchinson and John Mellencamp's drummer, Kenny Arnoff) in the 50th Anniversary Buddy Holly Tribute, backing such greats as Graham Nash and Wanda Jackson.
Dan Neale
Lisi Wright — Fiddle — At the age of 25, Lisi has begun to make a name for herself in the Twin Cities' music scene, playing with Martin Zellar until his retirement and Mick Sterling. Lisi's background spans the genres of classical, country, bluegrass and rock.
Lisi Wright
John Wright — Bass — John is celebrating his tenth year with the Celtic/American folk/folk-rock band Lehto & Wright. Wright's background spans many different musical styles including blues, fusion, pop Latin and rock.
John Wright
Mark O'Day — Drums/Percussion — Mark is a graduate of the world renowned Musicians Institute of Technology in Hollywood California. Studied with Joe Porcaro (Stan Getz, Freddie Hubbard) Ralph Humphrey (Frank Zappa, Barbra Streisand, Rita Coolidge) and Dave Beyer (Melissa Etheridge, Joan Osborne, Gregg Allman, Michael McDonald). He has also been on numerous European tours with Minneapolis blues legend Willy Murphy. Mark is endorsed by Paiste Cymbals.
Mark O'Day
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