On into 2019!

Its another year and we are still here..that rhymes. In 2019 we will release a new studio recording. Its been a while so we are looking forward to that..

It is our plan to go far and wide where ever we can find a stage that will have us. Please stay in touch and stay tuned. All the best to everyone in 2019!

On into 2018!

Happy New Year good people!

We are heading into 2018 looking forward to learning how to tour with a toddler (we did 6000 miles last year with an infant). Another goal is to record and release a new studio effort...which will be our first since 2016. We are excited about all that this year will bring us and we look forward to seeing as many of you as we can...

DownBeat Nomination!

We have been nominated a second year in a row for best "Beyond" band in the DownBeat Critics poll. If you know anyone who votes on that let the payola begin...! Thanks to DownBeat for the recognition...

Cranking up the machinery.

Hey Folks, The Baby has arrived...Dec. 24th...Noelle...Look for her at a merch table near you this year.We have begun rehearsals to get back into the swing of things and are looking forward to as busy a year as we can make it. New material in the works for a studio recording which we hope to commence this fall and have out by Spring of 2018. Please check back ofetn for gig updates...

Pausing for a Baby!

In case you didn't know yet Lisi and John have created a small human due in January so the band will be taking a short break from live shows until March. (The first break in the bands history..) In the meantime please stay tuned for a few new studio recordings/free downloads and we will see you in spring!

Progression Magazine!

Hello Art Rock fans. We are excited to share that we are featured in the latest edition of "Progression" magazine. This is a fine publication and a great resource for all things Progressive Rock and related. Check out a portion here: GCO In Progression

Funny Review of Our Collective Soul Cover

We got a message from YouTube today. Pet Monster did a review of Collective Soul Cover Songs and they added us into the mix. You've gotta check this out because 1) we love our cover of "Untitled" and you will too! and 2) they use footage of Lisi for the introduction to the song and it's pretty freakin' funny. 😂😂

Here's the link to the video - our review starts at 2:23: